Azimut Serveis Informātics


Azimut Serveis Informātics, is an enterprise specialised in all kinds of services for photographic archives with a middle or large amount of images.

The services offered include the study, inventory, classification, documentation and digitalization of the photographic archives, including their possible commercialization.

According to the archives use, we lay the foundations for the digitalization and organization of the pictures selected, by using the data base UltraFox, created specifically to solve the problems of documentation, consultation and distribution of digital photographic archives.

All the works described are carried out by specialized staff in accordance with each plan and if necessary, in hours that do not interfere with the normal work of the archives.

We also have a consulting service which lays the foundations for management and commercial promotion of the photographic archives.

In short, Azimut is an enterprise which provides archives with complete services, keeping a check on the works carried out.


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