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Archives name Masó, Albert
Person in charge Masó Planas, Albert Telephone 93 4903921
Address Guitard, 49-53, 4º 2ª
08014 Barcelona
Fax 93 4906974
Web address
Total images 25.000
Plates Negatives Paper Slides 25.000 Other formats
Subjects Pictures of insects, especially butterflies in all their phases, arthropoda and invertebrates, Iberian, African and North American vertebrates (mammals, birds and reptiles), plants (trees and flowers), landscapes (Finland, Italy, Spain, Cuba, South Africa and United States).
Time periods From 1978 until 1997.
Digitalization process
Additional information Private archive. Exhibitions. 3 books published. Predominance of macros, landscapes, and photographic hunting (especially naturistic photography). This fact and the good classification of the species make this archive very interesting.
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