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We are pleased to present the first electronic edition of the Inventory of Catalan Photographic Archives which includes varied information concerning photographic archives in Catalonia.

By presenting this first compilation, we have started a long and very interesting way, which will allow us, without any doubt, to show a very large view of Catalan public and private photographic patrimony.

Azimut Serveis Informātics and especially, the Department of Documentary Systems, are working for the purpose of spreading the subjects of hundreds of public archives, belonging to the different administrations. We must point out that the people in charge of the archives service have always helped us. The lack of information when we closed this first edition is due to the own situation of many photographic collections, that are not organized.

Furthermore, we have placed this information next to private commercial and photographers' archives. Our purpose is to increase the supply of images for the publishing and communication market, making their search and use easier.

Next printed edition of the Inventory of Catalan Photographic Archives in Autumn 1999, will close the procedure of collecting and organizing information.

Our team hopes that this new publication will become a useful instrument to locate and know in detail Catalan Photographic Archives.


Azimut Serveis Informātics


With the support of:
Institut Catalā de Tecnologia Uniķ de Professionals de la Imatge i Fotografia de Catalunya Primavera Fotogrāfica
Barcelona International Press Center Llibreria Kowasa Kowasa Gallery


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