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Digital photographic archives integral management software.


UltraFox is a relational data base designed especially for the creation and integral management of large digitalized photographic archives. The system has specialised tools to build archives of digitalized pictures step by step reducing the difficulties of transition from traditional archives systems.

The Ultrafox documentary tools permits to optimise the multiple aspects of the work, obtaining a high level of productivity. The open classification system allows to initiate the works in a simple predefined structure and evolve progressively to a very complex documentary environment, obtaining a very efficient image data organisation and search capacity.

Ultrafox is an image management and documentation oriented system. The iconographic description has relations with different parallel data banks that permits the data analysis from different points of view (people, places, events, objects, generic subjects, publications...) having additional information for each related concept, that can be treated independently and in full detail.

Outstanding aspects

• Independent and parallel systems for images import and documentation.
• Automation of compression and importation of large amounts of images.
• Automatic detection of possible mistakes or suspicious formal or semantic similarities.
• Data base rules defined in order that the documentary handicaps do not interrupt the workflow continuity.
• Easy and efficient management thanks to the permanent and direct access to the high resolution versions.
• High performance in the high resolution images display and in their documentary data management.
• Concept unification tools to modify or correct wrong information in large amounts of images at once.
• Several security levels and different user privileges.
• The images collections and their documentary data can be exported with multiple options like web pages generation.
• Easy and powerful query tools: the Query Generator and the Similarity Search tools are methods that allows to find information very quickly, even if you make a typographic mistake or if you don’t know the correct word orthography.
• Modular design in order to guarantee the possibility to adapt the software for each archives requirements and to have large capacity for future improvements.


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